Welcome to our Student Evaluations at NHMTA! The NHMTA Student Evaluation Program is an opportunity for students of NHMTA members to perform pieces of music for an adjudicator and be evaluated.

Each student’s performance is private, non-competitive and not graded. The adjudicator’s job is to constructively reinforce each performance by accentuating the positive and pointing out areas that need attention. Students are judged on their own merit at their own level. Each student will receive a participation certificate, a musical gift, and the adjudicator’s comment sheet.

All transcriptions, adaptations, and simplifications of music are allowed. All types and varieties of music are acceptable; all music, properly taught, has value.

Memory is optional at all levels. In addition to the performance aspect of evaluation, students are strongly encouraged to take a composer biography test and a theory test. (See below and next page.) We hope that this annual evaluation program will encourage students to continually strive for higher degrees of excellence in all areas of their musical study. The evaluation program is open to students of all ages and levels of musical advancement. First year students and adults are welcome to participate.

Evaluations are held on Saturdays and Sundays in May and June. The Deadline to Register is April 1st!

2024 Dates:

Seacoast Site: Saturday, May, 18 Site Coordinator: Erica LeRoy 

Concord Site: Saturday, May, 11 Site Coordinator: Jackie Morin

Plymouth Site: Saturday, May, 18 Site Coordinator: Hailey Kelly 

Information and Registration

Evaluation Registration 2024

Evaluation Playing Levels 2024

Beginner Biography 2024

Advanced Biography 2024

KITS Theory Tests

Composer of the Year for 2024
Frédéric Chopin

Questions? Contact Erica LeRoy, Evaluation Chair erica@nepiano.com